Introduction to Nonbinary Genders

Image: the yellow, white, purple and black nonbinary pride flag
Here, we're going to talk about nonbinary genders.  Nonbinary means you don't identify as either male or female.  It can be both, neither or somewhere in between.  Here are some examples of nonbinary genders:

Agender, neutrois, genderless, gender-neutral - not having a gender

Androgyne - used to describe someone with an array of gender expressions

Aporagender - a gender separate from man, woman or in between, while still feeling a strong, specific gender

Bigender - having two genders

Demiboy, demigirl, demigender - having only a partial connection to a certain gender

Genderfluid - moving between genders

Genderflux - intensity of your gender changes

Genderqueer, nonbinary, enby - umbrella terms for people who don't identify as either male or female

Gendervauge - having a gender that is undefinable or only partly definable because of one's neurodivergence (e.g. Autism, AD(H)D)

Hijra - a term used in South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to describe someone who is assigned male at birth (AMAB), but has a feminine gender expression

Intergender - a gender between male and female

Polygender - having many genders

Transfeminine - having a predominately feminine gender, not necessarily a trans woman

Transmasculine - having a predominately masculine gender, not necessarily a trans man

Two-Spirit - used among the indigenous peoples of North and South America.  Can refer to anyone in the queer community, especially transgender or nonbinary

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  1. Would add another definition to non-binary in respect to (the) conventional gender.
    "Between, Both, Beyond &/or None". Aporagender could loosely fit there