Sunday, June 19, 2016

Parents, Please Stop Posting Details of your Child's Meltdowns on Social Media

content/trigger warning: meltdowns, ableism, invasion of privacy

Few things make me more angry than "Autism parents" posting details of their children's meltdowns on social media, whether it's posting a video on YouTube, or posting a detail of it on their blogs.  It's wrong.

Why is it wrong?  Well for one thing, it's an invasion of your child's privacy.  Posting details of your child's meltdown is humiliating to them, and robs them of their dignity.  You wouldn't want someone recording a video of your worst moment, now, would you?  Well, don't do that to your child.

Plus, once something's posted on the Internet, it stays there forever.  Even if you take it down, someone will find it and re-post it.

And another thing: your child's going to find the video or blog post you shared, and thy're going to feel ashamed, guilty and they're going to be very mad at you for it.  Suppose you're trying to get your child into a certain school.  If they see the video or blog post, the school may not want to accept the student.  Or if your child was applying for a job: if a potential employer were to see the post, they might not want to hire the child.  You may not realize it, but you're putting your child's future in jeopardy.

Bottom line: it's not right to post your child's most vulnerable moments on social media because it will hurt them in the long run.

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